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  1. I had an adventurous trip to Asia, I liked the food in Thailand, also managed to squeeze in time to went to see the mountains and then biking, Thailand has been a cyclist destination for years with ideal scenery for touring and safe enough to go it alone, but until recent years mountain biking in Thailand has been unheard of. For my travel journey, I used http://travelsites.com for a personal guide and look out for camping activities and tour site. The first night in Thailand I was able to visit the Sunday night market which was Christmas day, But I loved the souvenirs I got from there, I took home some handmade green tea cups/ teapot/ mini elephant that an adorable husband and wife make for a living.
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    I have never bought bitcoins myself but one of my friends bought Bitcoin when it was less than $50 almost 4 years ago and after a few years he makes almost $500k with that investment, and after that, I realized there is no way that cryptocurrency and bitcoin are just for to create a hype in the digital market. And now you can see the result, One bitcoin nowadays is less than $400k and a 2 years ago it was on top like 20k almost. If you're interested in crypto and bitcoin future you have to update with the latest trend.
  3. Playing casino online is a bit hard for me. As you have mentioned the source it's not opening can you check and replace to the right source.
  4. In Egypt, the full work week is generally considered five 8-hour work days, from Sunday through Thursday. If you're going to Egypt for a holiday you better know what are the best places in Egypt to must go like The Egyptian Museum, a trove of antiquities. Find out more activities tours to make your travel unforgettable.
  5. Yeah In Moscow, there's a lot of attractive places. I really liked it there. Those people are nice tho.
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